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Dammit, 27 Club, keep your grasping claws off my favourite musicians!

Amy Winehouse has just died. Circumstances are so far unclear but not, I suspect, unpredictable.

Fuck it, I liked her. As a singer, not as an interesting car crash. 'In My Bed', 'You Send Me Flying', 'Amy, Amy, Amy', 'Rehab', 'You Know I'm No Good' - some of my favourite songs. Her cover of 'Valerie' was way better than the Zutons' original. I love me some raunchy blues-rock, and she had a great voice and great presence. And I never got to see her live.

What kind of fuckery is this?

Cat :(

Jul. 11th, 2011 11:55 pm
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Short version: after a week, we finally managed to catch the stray cat that lives in my parents' garden, but he was so badly injured he had to be put down.

Long, miserable and graphic version under the cut.

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So after a couple of months of semi-hibernation, and a couple more months looking for scaly fuckbuddies, my dimwitted pet seems to have forgotten how to eat. She's bitten the mouse in the shoulder and is just sort of dragging it around while she coils around my arm.
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4th dan (ie, a higher grade than my instructor). Got her black belt in 1993, when I was nine or ten and still in primary school.

I'm very, very glad I didn't have this information before I fought her. I was nervous enough. I saw one of the other competitors backing up so fast she fell off the edge of the mat, and was determined that whatever happened, I wasn't going to do that. And I didn't. This fool rushed in.

And obviously she wiped the floor with me. I have never been so drastically outclassed in my life. I think every single point she got was by punching me in the face. But suddenly, I'm not feeling so bad about that.
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This weekend, there was a death*, a birth**, a wedding*** and some fighting****.

I'm currently feeling fairly detached from everything. This is probably for the avoidance of explosions.

* One of the little kids from karate. One of those very sudden inexplicable things.
** Family friend, emergency c-section.
*** Old school friend. First church wedding I've ever been to.
**** Karate competition. Got my ass kicked. Very very full of adrenaline afterwards. Didn't help that I found out about the kid just before.
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Yes, indeed, when you are using faint orange font on a white background, you have certainly made every effort to make the Bikeability website accessible and easy to use for everyone, no matter what browser you choose to use, and whether or not you have any disabilities.

My bleeding eyeballs would like to offer you a cookie. A cookie flavoured with purest STUPID.
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Bet you never thought you'd see that sentence.

It was the system the Conservative Party used to choose David Cameron as leader. Cameron's Conservatives are now campaigning against it. I see two possibilities:

1. They honestly think it's not up to scratch. In which case, Cameron should stand down and they should re-elect their leader using First Past The Post.

2. They think it's awesome, but in a wonderful combination of hoarding and hypocrisy, don't want you to have it. It's their precious. You're not good enough for it.
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Am combining my love of a) scary things and b) being several years late to the punchline by reading creepypasta.

The Slender Man, for instance, is a BRILLIANT idea when you already have a bad habit of seeing non-existent things in your peripheral vision. Woo!

Quite like the Oh Internet definition: "A piece of awesome creepypasta is like an awesome bran muffin, in that it will leave you thoroughly shitting yourself."

I'll be in my bunk, in a foetal position, with all the lights on.
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But while it is, in fact, illegal, DON'T GROW IT ON MY ALLOTMENT, YOU MONUMENTAL ARSEHOLES!!!!!

So the wife was weeding up the far end of my allotment today, while I was digging out bindweed roots and planting spuds. And she says "Er, there's a plant with seven leaves down here." Well, there were two. With marks of watering, and potting compost still in their roots.

Some fucker planted cannabis on the overgrown end of my allotment. I pulled it up in a rage, and I was going to dispose of it somehow (hadn't planned that far ahead), and the Voice Of Reason (also known as the wife) pointed out we should probably contact the police. So we did.

I'm not in favour of the war on drugs. I think drugs should be legalised. I don't give a damn if someone smokes weed (although if you drive stoned, you're an irresponsible potentially-murdering fucker and you really should be arrested, just like if you drive drunk). I disagree with arrests for possession. I also think growing your own is better than giving money to organised crime.

But here's the thing: it is still illegal. When you possess or grow weed, you are taking a calculated risk. And you don't get to make other people take calculated risks without their knowledge or consent. You don't get to plant - no pun intended - drugs on me. Take responsibility for your own fucking habit, and grow it on your own fucking property.

Also, I know you can't tell because it looks like shit, but I work hard on that allotment. Clearing a couple of cubic feet of stones and invasive weeds takes me about an hour of sweating and hayfever and sunburn and backache. You don't get to treat it like an abandoned piece of waste ground that's yours for the taking. Fuck off.

And then things took a turn for the weirder still, when the police did show up and tried to convince us it was just mint! What species of mint has long, thin, serrated leaflets arranged in three pairs leading up to a single long one? What species of mint smells like the top deck of a bus that goes through Handsworth? And who the hell goes to that much trouble to cultivate mint where they think it won't be found?

The police were also singularly unhelpful when we raised the issue of my stuff being trashed in revenge for destroying the plants. "Did they see you pulling them up?" Well, no, but I think they'll notice that they're not there any more! And when they do, I'd quite like my garden to stay in one piece.
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... when said girlfriend is a Christian, a theology graduate, and a former teacher of religious studies:

"Shit! It's Easter! I TOTALLY ALREADY KNEW THIS. Yes."

Love you, girl.

Ah, hell.

Apr. 20th, 2011 07:37 am
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Elisabeth Sladen, aka Doctor Who's Sarah Jane Smith, has died from cancer.

BBC tribute here.

When I was a kid, female characters who were helpless and got rescued made me so angry. Well, they still do. Major shouting-at-the-TV. I wanted women who kicked ass and got stuff done. And now there's one fewer, and the world is a bit less awesome.

Dear Boots

Apr. 16th, 2011 08:55 am
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Okay, so sometimes it's too much like hard work to put someone who actually knows about medicines behind the medicines counter. Even though that sort of raises the question of why the hell you bother having only-available-with-consultation meds, if you're going to fill that counter with staff who can't do consultations. If I'm gonna end up going through the meds myself and picking my own anyway, why have the barrier and make me feel like a supplicant? Okay. Fine. It's the school holidays. Maybe all your qualified staff were taking their spawn to Butlins. Okay.

Although it was kind of annoying when I asked for "a non-drowsy antihistamine that isn't loratadine" and she went through several loratadine brand names before offering me cetirizine and chlorphenamine. Does it say "non-drowsy" on it? Does it? Then I don't fucking want it. Okay. Chill your beans, Lorna. And it was also sort of annoying when she tried to claim loratadine, cetirizine and chlorphenamine were the only antihistamines there were. Er, no they ain't. Don't make me vault this counter and start rifling through the boxes myself. Okay. Deep breaths. Calm happy place. Whalesong. Yeah.

Could you at least have a member of staff who has remembered her glasses, and so doesn't need me to read the medicine boxes for her? Please?

(I got acrivastine in the end. Let's see what this does.)
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Via [personal profile] skibbley: Equalities Act is being debated on the Red Tape Challenge website. Because ensuring equality for the vulnerable and stigmatised is OMG RED TAPE BUREAUCRACY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD.

Particularly since the Equalities Act, er, pulled together all the different pre-existing legislation. It was not, in fact, a brand new Act bringing in a bunch of new stuff. Fucking morons probably should not be talking about scrapping something if they don't know what it is.
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It is unseasonably warm and sunny. This means that people like me, who overheat easily and are trying to avoid being a Sweaty McStinkfeet, will be walking the pavements in sandals.

(For yes, trainers do actually come off! They are not welded to your feet until such time as they disintegrate from their own terrible fumes.)

Here is a typical, though not exhaustive, list of things I would rather not have near my naked toes:
  • Pools of human piss, canine piss, Special Brew or White Lightning (the four are often indistinguishable)
  • Lumps of phlegm in a saliva suspension
  • Dog shit
  • Used condoms

No love, for fear I might catch something,

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That means that the senseis think my performance of enpi kata is adequate to grade on. (You have to get three tips on your belt, for combinations, kata and semi-freestyle sparring, before you can grade.) I wasn't even going for any tips. I just did the course because it was compulsory for brown and black belts. At the start of the course, I didn't know all of enpi and I couldn't do the jump.

This course really brought home how much fitter and stronger I need to be, as a brown belt. Afterwards I was just exhausted. I sat on the floor, drank Lucozade and ate cake for twenty minutes until I had the energy to get up and get changed. (Much like after the Halesowen Aquathlon, where I spent twenty minutes sitting on the changing room floor, eating cake, rubbing moisturiser into my chapped belly, and staring into space.) In a year or less, I'm going to have to do that, plus a four-to-six hour grading afterwards. Oh god.

OKAY! Now I'm off to the gym.
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Big anti-cuts demo in London yesterday; contrary to media reports, it was not an orgy of violence and there were not widespread pitched battles with the police. On these legs? Darling. I could sit on the floor and snarl, maybe. My feet and knees don't like me right now.

Wife was full of preparation and planning and sandwiches and earplugs. Earplugs make large noisy crowds vastly more pleasant. [personal profile] barakta got us on the coaches. Our Unison steward was also a saint of organisation and looking-after-people.

I hate it when the clocks go forward. Very strong coffee this morning. Lost an hour's sleep and am not happy about it. That was mine, dammit. I was using it for sleeping.

Now I have to bike to work (public transport so bleeding unreliable of a Sunday) and get everything done quick. Then I have to bike over to the main dojo so I can do a two-hour black-and-brown-belt course on a kata I barely know (enpi) and certainly can't perform (there's a 360-degree jump out of kibadachi into kokutsudachi. HAHAHAHAHAHA).
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If there's anybody who reads my LJ who doesn't have some kind of mental or chronic illness, it's probably not clear what all the fuss is about. But for me, this is one of the best days I've had in a long time, and I've done a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to get around to. There's still stuff that needs doing - I didn't get around to picking up my prescription, for instance - but still, this was a damn good day. Recently, if I'd managed one of these things, I was calling it a success.

Stuff I did! YAY! Go team me! )

Phew! Now I think I'm going to bed.

* Bad thing: discovering the raspberry bush you want to save is thoroughly tangled up with couch grass you want to fatally kill very hard to death until it dies of it and isn't alive any more.

Worse thing: starting the uprooting and untangling process with your bare hands, and finding the large and thriving nest of red** ants in there.

** Since I didn't get stung, I'm thinking they were actually yellow ants, which are less aggressive. Still startled the hell out of me.


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