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After 76 years' hard work and dedication, and much sexism, Sensei Keiko Fukuda gets her 10th dan at the age of 98.

What a woman. Words... I don't even... *seiza rei*

(Via [personal profile] innerbrat, I think)
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4th dan (ie, a higher grade than my instructor). Got her black belt in 1993, when I was nine or ten and still in primary school.

I'm very, very glad I didn't have this information before I fought her. I was nervous enough. I saw one of the other competitors backing up so fast she fell off the edge of the mat, and was determined that whatever happened, I wasn't going to do that. And I didn't. This fool rushed in.

And obviously she wiped the floor with me. I have never been so drastically outclassed in my life. I think every single point she got was by punching me in the face. But suddenly, I'm not feeling so bad about that.
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This weekend, there was a death*, a birth**, a wedding*** and some fighting****.

I'm currently feeling fairly detached from everything. This is probably for the avoidance of explosions.

* One of the little kids from karate. One of those very sudden inexplicable things.
** Family friend, emergency c-section.
*** Old school friend. First church wedding I've ever been to.
**** Karate competition. Got my ass kicked. Very very full of adrenaline afterwards. Didn't help that I found out about the kid just before.
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That means that the senseis think my performance of enpi kata is adequate to grade on. (You have to get three tips on your belt, for combinations, kata and semi-freestyle sparring, before you can grade.) I wasn't even going for any tips. I just did the course because it was compulsory for brown and black belts. At the start of the course, I didn't know all of enpi and I couldn't do the jump.

This course really brought home how much fitter and stronger I need to be, as a brown belt. Afterwards I was just exhausted. I sat on the floor, drank Lucozade and ate cake for twenty minutes until I had the energy to get up and get changed. (Much like after the Halesowen Aquathlon, where I spent twenty minutes sitting on the changing room floor, eating cake, rubbing moisturiser into my chapped belly, and staring into space.) In a year or less, I'm going to have to do that, plus a four-to-six hour grading afterwards. Oh god.

OKAY! Now I'm off to the gym.
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Big anti-cuts demo in London yesterday; contrary to media reports, it was not an orgy of violence and there were not widespread pitched battles with the police. On these legs? Darling. I could sit on the floor and snarl, maybe. My feet and knees don't like me right now.

Wife was full of preparation and planning and sandwiches and earplugs. Earplugs make large noisy crowds vastly more pleasant. [personal profile] barakta got us on the coaches. Our Unison steward was also a saint of organisation and looking-after-people.

I hate it when the clocks go forward. Very strong coffee this morning. Lost an hour's sleep and am not happy about it. That was mine, dammit. I was using it for sleeping.

Now I have to bike to work (public transport so bleeding unreliable of a Sunday) and get everything done quick. Then I have to bike over to the main dojo so I can do a two-hour black-and-brown-belt course on a kata I barely know (enpi) and certainly can't perform (there's a 360-degree jump out of kibadachi into kokutsudachi. HAHAHAHAHAHA).
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Hooray, water coming through the kitchen ceiling!

One plumbing visit later, that problem seems to be fixed; just need to de-trash the house.

I swear, this month has sucked from start to finish. It's just been constant days of trying to do several things at once in a short time period, only to have some big disaster take out the several little things and make me deal with a big thing instead. I've missed a karate competition because I was at work and several classes due to illness/injury. I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING.


Nov. 4th, 2010 10:37 am
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Doctor reckons it's just bruised, cos I can feel and move everything, even if I'm not as bendy as usual, and the pain's staying where I got kicked and not radiating anywhere. So that's a relief.
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So at karate class last Thursday, I got kicked in the spine by someone much heavier and stronger than me. Like, direct hit, time slowing down while I wonder if I'm gonna be walking after this. It's been aching all week, and I haven't been able to lift all the stuff or move in all the directions I usually can. This morning Sensei ordered me to go to the doctor.

I hate going to the doctor. I'm sick of the sight of them, and I'm always expecting to be told a) there's nothing wrong with me and I just want attention or b) if there is something wrong with me, it's my own fault. I mean, after I passed out and cut my chin open, I hid in my room for a few hours before going to a walk-in centre. Where they said, "And it didn't occur to you to go to A&E?" I said, honestly, "Er, no." And then the woman put me in a taxi to A&E because she didn't trust me not to bolt. *shrug*
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I had my first capoeira music class yesterday. It was also my first class taught by Mestre Valdir (equivalent to Kyoshi Richards at karate) rather than Formada Vicky (equivalent to a first or second dan black belt, I think). We did an hour of music followed by an hour of playing. I can now sort of play the tambourine! Things I have learnt: Read more... )


Sep. 19th, 2010 09:42 am
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You "play" capoeira. You don't fight, or spar. And I cannot hear the phrase "do you want to play?" without blushing and giggling.
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I had my first capoeira class yesterday. It lasted three hours, and subsequently I hurt. It's zero-contact! Why do I hurt? (Because it requires leg strength and flexibility that I just don't have. Yet.)

I like it, I think. It's so totally different from karate that years of muscle memory is kicking my ass. I see a kick coming, I smack it out of the way and counter with a punch. Or I catch it and knock them over. I certainly don't turn my back on my opponent and do a cartwheel!

I went with [profile] falling_softly, and we were both very shy. I think we found it difficult, too, because we're used to the Japanese etiquette of karate. When in doubt, "osu, Sensei" and bow. Karate is honour-based and capoeira is trickery-based. Karate is lawful and capoeira is chaotic? Yes, that works.

I was also amused that my martial arts career has gone Kyokushin karate --> quick dabble in Southern mantis kung fu and kick-boxing --> Shotokan karate --> capoeira. I started off with the nasty full-contact stuff, and got gentler over the years.


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