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Part one; part two; part two and a bit. Spoilers for the whole thing (and The Godfather); trigger warnings for rape and domestic violence.

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Am combining my love of a) scary things and b) being several years late to the punchline by reading creepypasta.

The Slender Man, for instance, is a BRILLIANT idea when you already have a bad habit of seeing non-existent things in your peripheral vision. Woo!

Quite like the Oh Internet definition: "A piece of awesome creepypasta is like an awesome bran muffin, in that it will leave you thoroughly shitting yourself."

I'll be in my bunk, in a foetal position, with all the lights on.

Ah, hell.

Apr. 20th, 2011 07:37 am
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Elisabeth Sladen, aka Doctor Who's Sarah Jane Smith, has died from cancer.

BBC tribute here.

When I was a kid, female characters who were helpless and got rescued made me so angry. Well, they still do. Major shouting-at-the-TV. I wanted women who kicked ass and got stuff done. And now there's one fewer, and the world is a bit less awesome.
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Clay and Bobby Elvis are reminding me why I love Sons of Anarchy, and why I would totally do Ron Perlman.

Clay: Friendly visit, boys.
Gangster: Oh yeah? Why did this asshole try to blow our heads off?
Bobby: Just trying to get your attention.
Gangster (pressing gun to Bobby's head): Oh, well, you got it now, bitch!
Bobby (to Clay): I got his attention.
Clay (raises eyebrows, evil grin): I see that.

Also there is clearly a rule in the TV that I watch that old dudes called Bobby are badass. See also: Supernatural.


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