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But he really has perfectly summarised the problem with the right-wing objection to funding public services. (Most worryingly-for-the-squeamish seen in plans to privatise the National Blood Service. Because letting gay men donate blood is insanely dangerous, but leaving it in the hands of people who'll cut corners for profit cannot possibly go wrong.) They say "Big Society" but they actually have no sense of the bigger picture, no sense that sometimes you have to suck it up and make a loss and even give money to horrible chavvy people if it makes the world a better place. No sense that there might be motivations more noble than short-term profit.

Anyhoo. Charlie Brooker on tuition fees:
Which leaves us one final option. Let's simply give up. You know, as a species. Put an end to this weird "progress" experiment we've all been taking part in and actively revert to the level of farmyard animals. They look happy, don't they, with their tails and their mud? Let's join them.


Dec. 10th, 2010 01:51 pm
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If your family epitomises a world in which the rich-but-thick succeed and the rest of us are screwed, don't go driving (oh, sorry, get driven by your chauffeur) through a student protest against tuition fees.

Hey, maybe they had to get in to work - oh wait, that's right, they don't do any fucking work.
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Higher tuition fees went through.

Students - good on yer. Hope you all make it out okay. If you can't win, at least give the bastards a headache they won't forget.

MPs who voted for this - fucking shame on you. Not everybody has a rich daddy to help them shrug off debt.
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I had my first capoeira music class yesterday. It was also my first class taught by Mestre Valdir (equivalent to Kyoshi Richards at karate) rather than Formada Vicky (equivalent to a first or second dan black belt, I think). We did an hour of music followed by an hour of playing. I can now sort of play the tambourine! Things I have learnt: Read more... )
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Seriously, mental health professionals, stop harping on about my intelligence. Yeah, it's nice that you've noticed I'm not as dumb as a bag of rocks, but really. Neither are most of your other patients. I'm not some kind of super-genius. It worries me that you sound so surprised and interested.

And let me tell you a little secret. If someone's chronically depressed, it is highly fucking unlikely that she will hear "you're so intelligent" as a compliment. She will hear it as yet more expectations that she has to live up to. "You're so intelligent" actually means:

- "You're so intelligent, so why haven't you sorted yourself out by now?"
- "You're so intelligent, so you shouldn't be wasting my time like this."
- "You're so intelligent, so you must be doing this on purpose."
- "You're so intelligent, so why do you keep disappointing me?"
- "You're so intelligent, so why have you fucked up yet again?"


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