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If there's anybody who reads my LJ who doesn't have some kind of mental or chronic illness, it's probably not clear what all the fuss is about. But for me, this is one of the best days I've had in a long time, and I've done a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to get around to. There's still stuff that needs doing - I didn't get around to picking up my prescription, for instance - but still, this was a damn good day. Recently, if I'd managed one of these things, I was calling it a success.

  • Picked up my package from the Post Office, which turned out to be new tyres for bike #2
  • Went to the gym with my dad
  • Did not go to sleep in the middle of the day; had a cup of coffee and cooked myself lunch instead (and used up some eggs from happy hens that needed eating before they went manky)
  • ...and did the washing up afterwards
  • Went out and bought a big container for my apple tree and some hoover bags for Henry (it's actually a Henry - I haven't stooped to naming the hoover yet)
  • Went to my allotment, dug up several square feet of couch grass*, moved my raspberries and planted my other soft fruits - grape, cranberry, blueberry and kiwi plants
  • Came back with just enough spare daylight to change the brake pads on bike #1, lifting it once again out of the 'deathtrap' category
  • Cooked myself tea that had vegetables in it
  • ...and did the washing up afterwards
  • Put a fresh hoover bag in Henry and put it back together (a much more difficult proposition than taking things apart. I can do that easy).

Phew! Now I think I'm going to bed.

* Bad thing: discovering the raspberry bush you want to save is thoroughly tangled up with couch grass you want to fatally kill very hard to death until it dies of it and isn't alive any more.

Worse thing: starting the uprooting and untangling process with your bare hands, and finding the large and thriving nest of red** ants in there.

** Since I didn't get stung, I'm thinking they were actually yellow ants, which are less aggressive. Still startled the hell out of me.
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