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Numbers 5:11-28 is pretty clear on the subject: Read more... )

So remember, when people complain about women having abortions for trivial reasons, the Lord is a-OK with jealous husbands using them as punishments for cheating. The welfare of the foetus is not mentioned.
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After 76 years' hard work and dedication, and much sexism, Sensei Keiko Fukuda gets her 10th dan at the age of 98.

What a woman. Words... I don't even... *seiza rei*

(Via [personal profile] innerbrat, I think)

Ah, hell.

Apr. 20th, 2011 07:37 am
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Elisabeth Sladen, aka Doctor Who's Sarah Jane Smith, has died from cancer.

BBC tribute here.

When I was a kid, female characters who were helpless and got rescued made me so angry. Well, they still do. Major shouting-at-the-TV. I wanted women who kicked ass and got stuff done. And now there's one fewer, and the world is a bit less awesome.
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Via [personal profile] skibbley: Equalities Act is being debated on the Red Tape Challenge website. Because ensuring equality for the vulnerable and stigmatised is OMG RED TAPE BUREAUCRACY POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD.

Particularly since the Equalities Act, er, pulled together all the different pre-existing legislation. It was not, in fact, a brand new Act bringing in a bunch of new stuff. Fucking morons probably should not be talking about scrapping something if they don't know what it is.
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With the Julian Assange thing (my view is Kate Harding's view, via [personal profile] gavagai, and I am not interested in discussing it), as with earlier discussions on date-rape and alcohol, some people are very kindly identifying themselves as people you would want to avoid. Now, if only they could be persuaded to get tattoos to this effect. Preferably on their foreheads.

Edit: Please do not use the comments to discuss the case. There is an entire internet for that.
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"T-shirt bras"

I thought the purpose was to have a bra you could wear under a clingy t-shirt and not have seams or lumps. Apparently not. As far as I can tell, the purpose is to have a bra you can wear under a very baggy t-shirt, and still have your breasts look cartoonishly large and pointy.

And what the hell is with all this padding? I'm a D-cup! They don't need to be any bigger! They don't need pushing up and out of the damn cups! They just need to stay in one place while I run for the bus.

Also, when I buy underwear, I find myself pitching my voice higher and softer to save us all the confusion and embarrassment.


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