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After 76 years' hard work and dedication, and much sexism, Sensei Keiko Fukuda gets her 10th dan at the age of 98.

What a woman. Words... I don't even... *seiza rei*

(Via [personal profile] innerbrat, I think)
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Yes, indeed, when you are using faint orange font on a white background, you have certainly made every effort to make the Bikeability website accessible and easy to use for everyone, no matter what browser you choose to use, and whether or not you have any disabilities.

My bleeding eyeballs would like to offer you a cookie. A cookie flavoured with purest STUPID.
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Am combining my love of a) scary things and b) being several years late to the punchline by reading creepypasta.

The Slender Man, for instance, is a BRILLIANT idea when you already have a bad habit of seeing non-existent things in your peripheral vision. Woo!

Quite like the Oh Internet definition: "A piece of awesome creepypasta is like an awesome bran muffin, in that it will leave you thoroughly shitting yourself."

I'll be in my bunk, in a foetal position, with all the lights on.
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But he really has perfectly summarised the problem with the right-wing objection to funding public services. (Most worryingly-for-the-squeamish seen in plans to privatise the National Blood Service. Because letting gay men donate blood is insanely dangerous, but leaving it in the hands of people who'll cut corners for profit cannot possibly go wrong.) They say "Big Society" but they actually have no sense of the bigger picture, no sense that sometimes you have to suck it up and make a loss and even give money to horrible chavvy people if it makes the world a better place. No sense that there might be motivations more noble than short-term profit.

Anyhoo. Charlie Brooker on tuition fees:
Which leaves us one final option. Let's simply give up. You know, as a species. Put an end to this weird "progress" experiment we've all been taking part in and actively revert to the level of farmyard animals. They look happy, don't they, with their tails and their mud? Let's join them.
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The internet hadn't hurt my attention span. I was as patient as I'd ever been (not very). Nor did I jump to conclusions on insufficient evidence.

Then I spent a very frustrating hour playing Don't Shoot the Puppy.
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This needs to be required reading in every workplace.

Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

Now they've changed their logo, the brand values make so much more sense to me!

Maybe I just need a t-shirt. "I am highly intelligent with a wide vocabulary. I understood every word you said and noticed every psychological trick you used to make me believe them. Unfortunately, they have just made me angry."
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With the Julian Assange thing (my view is Kate Harding's view, via [personal profile] gavagai, and I am not interested in discussing it), as with earlier discussions on date-rape and alcohol, some people are very kindly identifying themselves as people you would want to avoid. Now, if only they could be persuaded to get tattoos to this effect. Preferably on their foreheads.

Edit: Please do not use the comments to discuss the case. There is an entire internet for that.
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Via [personal profile] palmer1984, excellent article by Zoe Williams on the reality of benefit fraud.

Fuck the Tories and fuck their fucking Lib Dem lackeys.
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Steve, Don't Eat It: The blog that makes me make noises that probably scare and upset my new housemates.

I was feeling pretty good about how many of the entries are meat products, being vegetarian and all, but then I found the one on fermented soya beans:
What I find most hilarious is that there is an expiration date on the package. What could they possibly expect to happen to the product on this date THAT HAS NOT ALREADY OCCURRED?!!!
Yeah, yeah, okay. And I quite like tofu.

(This entry brought to you by In An Attempt To Sleep Off My Cold, I HAVE COMPLETELY FUCKED MY SLEEP PATTERNS.)
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The guy who'd shut Birmingham city centre by preparing to jump off a bridge for 29 hours has been dragged down.

After over 24 hours, I suspect "seized an opportunity" means "he fell asleep".

Hopefully the arrest was a formality and the poor bastard'll get the help he needs.

So... yeah

Sep. 5th, 2010 06:52 pm
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After years of going "Eh, I remember when everybody was threatening to leave over invite codes", LJ have finally pissed me off enough to create a Dreamwidth account. Er, well done?

I'm not sure what this means, yet. Depends what they do about the Facebook/Twitter thing.


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