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If there's anybody who reads my LJ who doesn't have some kind of mental or chronic illness, it's probably not clear what all the fuss is about. But for me, this is one of the best days I've had in a long time, and I've done a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to get around to. There's still stuff that needs doing - I didn't get around to picking up my prescription, for instance - but still, this was a damn good day. Recently, if I'd managed one of these things, I was calling it a success.

Stuff I did! YAY! Go team me! )

Phew! Now I think I'm going to bed.

* Bad thing: discovering the raspberry bush you want to save is thoroughly tangled up with couch grass you want to fatally kill very hard to death until it dies of it and isn't alive any more.

Worse thing: starting the uprooting and untangling process with your bare hands, and finding the large and thriving nest of red** ants in there.

** Since I didn't get stung, I'm thinking they were actually yellow ants, which are less aggressive. Still startled the hell out of me.
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So I'm in Holland and Barrett, because the health food shop I actually like has closed down. I'm looking at dried fruit to put on my breakfast. Cranberries look good. "Infused with cane sugar", apparently. Because I am not a moron, I read the ingredients.

70% sugar, 30% cranberries.


That's not cranberries with sugar. That's sugar with a hint of cranberry. Look, we've got a stance in karate, where 70% of the weight is on the back leg and 30% of the weight is on the front leg. For obvious and logical reasons, we call it "back stance". Calling 70% sugar "cranberries" would be like calling that "front stance".

Health food my arse.
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Banana & ginger soda bread FOR THE MOTHERFUCKING WIN.
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Steve, Don't Eat It: The blog that makes me make noises that probably scare and upset my new housemates.

I was feeling pretty good about how many of the entries are meat products, being vegetarian and all, but then I found the one on fermented soya beans:
What I find most hilarious is that there is an expiration date on the package. What could they possibly expect to happen to the product on this date THAT HAS NOT ALREADY OCCURRED?!!!
Yeah, yeah, okay. And I quite like tofu.

(This entry brought to you by In An Attempt To Sleep Off My Cold, I HAVE COMPLETELY FUCKED MY SLEEP PATTERNS.)
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Stupid blood tests.

I hope they're not expecting me to be cheerful and friendly.



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