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Apr. 16th, 2011 08:55 am
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Okay, so sometimes it's too much like hard work to put someone who actually knows about medicines behind the medicines counter. Even though that sort of raises the question of why the hell you bother having only-available-with-consultation meds, if you're going to fill that counter with staff who can't do consultations. If I'm gonna end up going through the meds myself and picking my own anyway, why have the barrier and make me feel like a supplicant? Okay. Fine. It's the school holidays. Maybe all your qualified staff were taking their spawn to Butlins. Okay.

Although it was kind of annoying when I asked for "a non-drowsy antihistamine that isn't loratadine" and she went through several loratadine brand names before offering me cetirizine and chlorphenamine. Does it say "non-drowsy" on it? Does it? Then I don't fucking want it. Okay. Chill your beans, Lorna. And it was also sort of annoying when she tried to claim loratadine, cetirizine and chlorphenamine were the only antihistamines there were. Er, no they ain't. Don't make me vault this counter and start rifling through the boxes myself. Okay. Deep breaths. Calm happy place. Whalesong. Yeah.

Could you at least have a member of staff who has remembered her glasses, and so doesn't need me to read the medicine boxes for her? Please?

(I got acrivastine in the end. Let's see what this does.)
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Who's been in Waterstones recently? It's bloody horrible! It used to be this nice quiet soothing place I went to because I could commune with the books and ignore people. But now the staff pounce on you the moment you get in the door. "Have you found what you're looking for?" Well, no, because I wasn't looking for the doorframe or the welcome mat. Gimme a minute! Then they hover behind you and ask follow-up questions. It's okay; I'm not going to steal anything. Please fuck off out of my personal space now. Sheesh.
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You know what? If you need to yell at people building an igloo in the snow, it's euthanasia time.

Wrinkles don't stop you being a bully.
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My housemates have managed to block the bathtub more effectively in two months than Kung-Fu Landlady, Quiet Housemate and I managed in four years.



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