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Aug. 17th, 2017 09:43 pm
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I have a new laptop (huge thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] oilrig for sorting it after my old emergency one stopped usefully working (which was somehow more annoying than the previous one actually stopping working because it wasn't taunting me by seeming like it should be usable). So there will prolly be more posts that need a keyboard and/or dictation software here soon.
But not today because i misjudged how far along in my convalesce i actually am and tried to do too much and need to go splat now...

My BiCon Meme

Aug. 15th, 2017 01:03 pm
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This was an unusual BiCon for me - I was mostly floomping because of teh ill and had very limited spoons to do BiConic things. But I made it there, managed to do a bit and very importantly didn't require medical attention!

Sessions run:
I had felt bad about missing the sessions deadline but it turned out to be a good thing considering my health.
I did (kind of) assist with a couple of workshops - taking photos during the peripatetic Cover Bis and helping with the set up of Just A Bisexual Minute while [personal profile] softfruit stole participants from another workshop!

Sessions attended:

Communication Games (mostly making paper planes), Dreamwidth (yay!), The Activist Toolshed (an excellent workshop but I was feeling pretty passive!), the aforementioned homeless Cover Bi's (we got thrown out of our room by another, more popular workshop and then found the suggested replacement rooms were also in use so we ended up in doing it in the middle of the field!) and Just a Bisexual Minute

Sleep achieved:
A lot. My body didn't give me any choice about that. But it was at rather random times. Being in a Family-friendly flat meant some early awakenings!
I was impressed by the accommodation and by the beds - they weren't perfect, specially if you are used to fancy mattresses but they were some of the best beds we've had at a BiCon. And the sheets were a huge improvement on last year's horrors!

People snogged:
None. Eww! Spit is icky

People I did Rude Things with:
None. It just wouldn't have been physically possible even if I had had offers!

People I would have liked to do more sex-type things with but didn't:
What I would also have liked - and would have been potentially more capable of was a bit of snuggling but the people I would have liked to do that with were either busy or just not interested...

Hugs achieved:
Quite a lot. Which were lovely.
I'm kind of skittish about hugs - sometimes I just can't cope with physical contact and sometimes I really crave deep physical pressure from known/safe humans. If you ever give me a hug and I say something along the lines if "you smell like you" that is one of the highest compliments I can pay you because it means that sensorily you feel like home to me.
Several of the Smalls in our flat eventually warmed up to this strange grown-up-shaped-but-autistically-childlike person with freaky glasses and started asking me for hugs as the Con went on which was lovely (particularly as teh ill has meant I haven't had much time with our Smalls lately)

Songs danced to:
None. I didn't have the spoons. I was particularly sad to miss the children's disco because I do love not-to-loud cheesy pop...

Parties attended:
I didn't actually hear of any (before they happened) which I hope was due to people being tactful about my spoonage rather than not wanting me around!

Games played:
But I did get given the Patchwork game as a birthday present and look forward to playing that somewhen. I'm assured it is ludy-proof (most games that BiCon people love remind me of the exercises an Ed Psych inflicts on you to diagnose SpLD rather than something that you'd want to do for fun!)

Strange food and drinks consumed when offered to me:
I mostly ate ludy-food which I think most readers would consider to be not-really-food.
I was given a very pleasant mint chop chip cookie (with excellent allergy labelling - yay!) after the final photo and enjoyed that.
And having an ice cream van at a BiCon was pretty strange and awesome! I've never had stripy ice cream in a cone with a flake before - it was good.

Number of children I was responsible for:
I unilaterally took responsibility for a young adult during the Fire Alarm while their actual adults were otherwise engaged. But they are a perfectly sensible person who didn't actually need any looking after - just a known adult to evacuate and stand in the crowd with.
I wasn't responsible for any of the many Smalls in our flat but there was a lot of interesting interaction (and occasionally grabbing them when they got to close to hot-burny parts of the kitchen/slamming doors)

Food eaten:
Enough. (Well as noted above I call it food and it works for me)
There were a whole series of FAILs in getting coffee with the extremely unpredictable opening hours of the nice coffee counter in the Food Hall and 3 separate coffee machines stopping working when I went near them!

People I meant to talk to, or meant to talk to more, but didn't:
Loads and loads. Basically almost everyone. Please do chat to me here instead.
I did get to have decent-length talks with [personal profile] karen2205 and [personal profile] haggis but they are such interesting and lovely people they still fall in the category of "would have liked to to talk to more"

Alcohol consumed:
None as ever.

Other recreational drugs taken:
Do you count painkillers and ventolin?

Times I fell over:
I went physically and emotionally Splat multiple times. Which is rubbish for a BiCon but everyone was so lovely about it and i'm actually impressed with myself for doing as much as I did.
Particular thanks to [personal profile] haggis, [personal profile] softfruit, [personal profile] oilrig[personal profile] sanjerina,[personal profile] skibbley and other E-who-isn't-on-here (in spite of being an otherwise sensible person!) for looking after a distressed and/or achey ludy

Injuries sustained:
None I didn't already come with.
I'm particularly pleased that the other-group having what looked like a very pleasant barbecue on the Achre only resulted in minor respiratory discomfort and not a full-on asthma attack

Perseids spotted:
None. I wasn't able to stay up

People spotted in the train station on Sunday afternoon:
I went part way home in [personal profile] oilrig's car (and is was definitly not BiCon anymore by the time I was in a train the next day). But we Cunningly stopped off on the way to visit someone who often attends BiCon but hadn't made it this year to extend the ConBubble

Best non-Bicon thing about the weekend:
The cat!

Volunteering done (can be anything even small thing like picking up litter or buying organisers a drink):
Not enough - which I feel guilty about.
But I did do the minor workshop assisting mentioned above and lent my camera for the big group photo (and even though I would trust [personal profile] softfruit with my life it still makes me horribly anxious to have her leaning out of a window with what is prolly my most expensive possession!)

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Aug. 14th, 2017 02:19 pm
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I am currently at [personal profile] oilrig's being floompy (and being fed caffeine, hugs and ludy-safe food) so technically my BiCon has not yet ended. I'll try to do a write up in the next few days.
My physical health is still not-great but I managed to have a reasonably pleasantly low-spoon BiCon even though I couldn't manage a lot of things I would have liked to do. Many thanks to all the people who were lovely and helpful and who did low-imoact socialising with me. (And apologises to the many lovely people I didn't get to catch up with).

If you are trying to match DreamWidth identities to actual BiCon attendees I am actually called Ludy (i'm not great at cryptic!), I have pink glasses and usually a headwrap - and am often in the company if a small but stompy stuffy-bunny...

Meanwhile here is my kind-of-traditional say anything you want to to me post. Comments are screened (so if you want a response please say how is best to be in touch with you) and anonymity is allowed (though does pretty much guarantee you won't get a response because I won't know who to respond to!)

Amazons in Greece and in comics

Aug. 12th, 2017 09:45 am
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The backstory for Wonder Woman's people has always been a bit strange and never made all that much sense. Attempts by DC to "modernize" the Amazons in the 80's and more recently have fixed some cosmetic issues but the underlying lack of sense has continued or even gotten worse.

Let's start with the Greeks )

America has the Wild West of the 1880's, Japan has the era of the Samurai; similarly, the ancient Greeks had their Heroic Age, roughly corresponding to what archaeologists today call the Mycenaean period in Greece (1500-1100 BCE). While the Scythian culture with its warrior women seems to have emerged in the 9th century (around the same time as archaic Greece), in fiction, the Greeks backdated Amazons to make them contemporaneous with their beloved legendary heroes and demigods. Which had the unfortunate effect of making centuries of classics scholars dismiss the whole concept of Amazons as a myth, despite the very level-headed accounts of them in surviving Greek non-fiction.

Amazons in the comics

Enter William Marston, who needed a particular kind of backstory for the character of Wonder Woman. His goal was propaganda, pushing for a vision of the world in which women were seen as superior to men and their right to rule the world was self-evident. Which meant Wonder Woman had to be an outsider, someone from a culture where women were powerful and in charge, who could look upon American customs of sexism as quaint and silly. What better background to give her than to make her an Amazon? Warning, bad mythology next 500 meters )

Next time, I'll continue by looking at the revamped origin story that the Amazons got from DC in the late 80's.

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Aug. 12th, 2017 01:53 pm
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I love the rain.

I am exhausted with cleaning. There is so much filth. I haven't done the stairs. I can't bear to. Don't make me. My feet hurt. I've got to take the dog out. And then go to work.

I hate my carpets. I wish they were purple. Can you dye carpets?

I have not magically won £51 million. I've been vaguely pissed off about that for a while now.

I haven't done anything exciting with all the time I've not been posting, I had some depression, and then I was really busy for a while and couldn't think, and then everything I wrote down came out wrong.

I finished Saving Hope. Read more... )

I have finished the second book of the latest trilogy of Fitz/Fool, and I keep trying to start the last one but then I can't. I can barely look at it.

I looked up whether you can dye carpets and you can but you'll likely ruin everything and then have to live with your disasters because you can't afford carpets because you haven't won £51 million which is about what carpets cost.

I'm attempting to use a password manager. It feels like the least secure thing I have ever done.

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Aug. 10th, 2017 08:45 pm
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BiCon I am in you!

This is going to have be a low-key BiCon for me but i'm very up for having coffee and chatting with Lovely People.

I have no phone signal in the accommodation so instead if texting please leave a screened comment here and tell me how is best to get back to you.
(Non-BiConners are welcome to leave messages too but I'll prolly take longer to reply)

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Aug. 9th, 2017 03:50 pm
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Dear amoxicillin:

It isn't that I don't appreciate killing the sinus infection. I do.

What I don't appreciate is you mixing badly with my brain and my other medications. I have been out of my godsdamned tree for 12 bloody days, and am only JUST able to go, "...oh hell,that's the meds."

Do not appreciate .


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